Thursday, July 30, 2009

Myst is Home. He is Better.

The vet could find nothing wrong with Myst, though they checked him for a possible reoccurrance of kidney stones and shaved him a little and cleaned him up good and gave him his annual exam a little early.

We did not fight when he came home, which amazed our humans. Mostly, I was scared of him and kept my distance except for occasional slight sniffing cause he smelled strange.

Myst has walked around meowing more often and needing more reassurance. He is restless but I think he will calm in a few days. Our humans are showing much love. We do not know what made him sick for those days but we *do* know he likes to eat bugs and things.

At any rate, he is home and happy to be here.

Terry is eyeing me though and muttering something about my annual physical coming up soon.


Sweet Praline said...

I'm glad Myst is home and that nothing was wrong with him. Sometimes, we just get sick and it takes a little time to get normal again. I don't think I would get close to Myst with that look he's giving you.

Becka said...

Yay Myst glad you are ok and home now. I hope u dont' get sick again anytime soon, ewww yucky bad. Sorry Muddy Myst smells weird. ;-)

Pascalian Awakenings said...

Great news. I'm glad he's home.