Sunday, December 6, 2009

Myst's New Sleeping Spot

Terry's graphics card died, she said. She had to get a new card but when she got her computer home from the shop, she found the new card did poorly with her old CRT monitor (aka Myst's bed).

She was not happy but she decided it was time for a new flat panel monitor. Alas, this ruined Myst's warm winter bed.

Myst cried and cried at her. She was very sad. She set the old monitor out but he did not want a bed that could not stay heated. She and Richard tried hooking the old monitor up to the old computer but it was so very huge, it could not fit on the desk and the desk could not be moved because of so little space in the room.

She tried hooking the monitor up to a floor outlet but its some kind of energy-saving thing that would not stay on.

At this point, both Terry and Myst were sad. Myst does not much like new things like heated beds and such but Terry says she will try it.

Meanwhile, Myst is considering sleeping on a blanket on the printer. Its not heated but it stays out of drafts and near her so she can pet and play with Myst.

I hope things work out for everyone.


Camp Stanhope Happenings said...

I hate change, too, Myst. I really hate to be cold! Hope it works out. I've been putting scraps of wool fabric out for the kitties to cuddle up with here in Iowa (it's cold!).

The Meezers said...

oh noes Myst - we hopes that they get you a heating pad or somefing like that.

Clara said...

Oh, change must have been awful! I hope she adapts soon... =) And that she is comfortable there too! =)

Oh, I just started a blog telling my story about searching for a cat. If you get curious:

lin said...