Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Are rose leaves bad for cats? We do not eat them but Terry wants to know


Esme said...

Same to you-you should participate in Weekend Cat Blogging.

buckycatt said...

I can't decide which is more gorgeous - Myst or the roses!

lindaschiffer said...

No, rose leaves are not poisonous to cats. :)

Beautiful roses!

:) Linda

Sweet Praline said...

I don't think the rose leaves are bad for us, but my mom still keeps them out of my reach. You are looking quite handsome today, Myst!

Billigflüge said...

I hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday :)
And I wanna add that I love your blog!
Keep on doing this!

Four Dinners said...

My Two legs had roses.

They fell off thing and went on floor and thing they was in smashed and I was wet.

It was not my faults!

I was just sniffings...

Maximus Spittimus