Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hilarious Fun

It started innocently enough. A large Christmas gift bag was set on the floor. Myst and I inspected it thoroughly.

Then, when Myst was inside, I played with him through the bag. Somehow, he got his claw stuck in it and began to run. He might have scared himself a little because he ran REAL fast. I thought it was great fun and I chased him.

To the rest of the family, it looked like a big Christmas bag was being blown down the hall. Suddenly, the bag zooms out of the hall into the living room. They could not see Myst inside. I was in heaven, chasing this as fast as I could.

The whole place was roaring in laughter. Humpf! Myst ran and hid under the sofa and I sat by that bag all day, hoping it would move again. It never did, darn it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Thanks, Mary!

Mary gave me a cute toy and a nice letter for Christmas. I just love to paw things and I pawed this all over the place. It was LOTS of fun!! Myst and Dandelion liked it, too, but I did not share with them for a while.

Thanks for thinking of me, Mary.---

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

That Baby Human was Right

Hi! Thanks for moving over to my new site. Feel welcome to go to the old site listed in my profile to see the past entries.

I hope all of you had a GREAT holiday. I think Jenny's 7 month old baby, Ashton, had the right idea: wrapping paper *IS* more fun than what is inside of it!!

P.S. Jenny is the married daughter of my pet humans. She and her husband are now owned by 2 cats and a human baby, so she is well cared for. I used to take care of her and she comes to visit often so I get to check on how Rocky and Lucky are taking care of her.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Hello Everyone!

This is Muddy and I am starting my new blog in a new location. Welcome. My old blog of several years is located at in case you want to read my past history. I would have kept blogging there, but I think I hit a limit because I blogged nearly every day for a long time. Suddenly, they stopped giving me choices on my control panel. When I reported the problem, they said they could not recreate it. I tried on other computers and still my control panel did not work. We were at an impasse and I had no choice but to move.

If their site were run by cats, it would be a lot better.