Thursday, November 21, 2013

Busy week for Myst and Me

Myst and I both went to the vet. I am losing weight and they did all kinds of tests on me but found nothing wrong. I get to eat lots more moist food now. In fact, I can no longer keep dry food down so I only eat moist food. My weight loss has baffled the vet. It is not hyperthyroidism because the tests showed nothing wrong. I am active and healthy except for losing weight. It's a mystery. I get all kinds of delicious moist cat food now. It's great. They think I have gained a little.

Myst had a litter box problem that made him messy and he had to get a shampoo and hair cut at the vet. He is being given probiotics to settle his stomach and it seems to be working.

We both had our check ups and checked out ok except for the mystery of my weight loss. Maybe it's just that I can't eat dry food anymore.