Thursday, April 17, 2008

Morning Flying Things

I love mornings. My humans wake up and brush me first thing. I get an extra brushing because I have to take a pill every day and this makes taking the pill come with a reward so I do not mind doing it so much.

Then they open the window blinds and we can watch birds fly around, daring us to catch them. Just wait. If any flying thing gets into the house, it will not last long if we can help it!


The Furry Kids said...

Mornings are pretty good. We've been getting up this week at 4:30 just to get a jump on the day. Momma doesn't seem real happy with this new schedule change, though. I'm not sure why.


Sweets the Cat said...

I feel your pain, friend. I often watch those twittering fools from my window perch. The squirrels are worse though, with their puffy tails meant to mock us. Keep fighting the good fight! Let me know if you ever manage to catch one! - Sweets

Anonymous said...

We wish you could catch a Birdie, Muddy! It is SO much fun!