Friday, May 30, 2008

Close Encounter

Last night was scary! Dandelion opened the door and got into the living room when Myst was there. They hate each other! I watched in horrid fascination as they faced off and the screaming began.

Terry was in the next room when she heard Myst's angry scream. She ran to see the two of them about to attack and she grabbed Dandelion and whisked him into the other room. It was a scary experience.

The family had tried everything to get Myst and Dandelion to get along and nothing ever worked so they finally gave up and just try to keep them in different rooms and make them take turns being with the family.

After whisking Dandelion away, Myst walked around the house all tough and defensive and a little puffed out. He got real proud of himself for scaring the "enemy" cat away and was conceited all night! Humpf! After he cooled down a bit, I chased him up and down the hall.

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Becka said...

oh no close encounters of the kitty kind poor things sorry they don't get along at least you like myst muddy! xoxo