Monday, June 9, 2008

Myst is Impossible!

Myst thinks he is a conquering king now and he picks on me more. Once I ran to Terry and sat there meowing my annoyance as Myst pawed me. Terry just looked at me. "You are twice his size, Muddy. Why don't you just paw and chase him?"

Instead, I whined at her and she let me into another room and shut the door, giving me some relief. Its not that Myst picks on me a lot and its not that I start half the chasing and pawing, its just that I was not in the mood to be picked on and I got some rest.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Muddy, the thing is, Myst is a tiny cat, and as such, has the thing called "tiny cat syndrome" which means he's always gonna be angling at being in charge ;)