Friday, October 3, 2008

Why Do Humans Like Hot Food?

I don't get it. Why do humans like hot food? Its a curious thing and I am keeping a close eye on them as I relax here and watch them do something they call "cook."

They are interesting pets, but who knows why they do the things they do? I will never completely understand them. The house smells good, though.


Anonymous said...

haha, my cat would agree the house smells good espcially when its chicken thats cooking... "just let it cool down then give me a slice"

Anonymous said...

We do not understand that either. First they heat it up, then they cool it off. Silly.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Mom heats my stinky goodness for 8 seconds before feeding me. Does that count?

Ana said...

Humans like warm food because the instinct of killing and eating the prade while it is still warm it's still in our brains. Gives us the sensation that what we eat is still fresh. (that's why if you eat cold chicken feels gross and nasty).
My opinion.