Saturday, July 25, 2009

Myst is Sick

Myst is having a little indigestion and making smelly messes. Richard whisked him into the bathroom for a thorough cleaning.

Richard shut the bathroom door and Terry fed paper towels and combs to him through a cracked door. Myst howled and complained so much I felt bad and parked myself right outside the door and stayed there, worried for him.

When he came out, he was soft, clean and fluffy and looked proud of himself for escaping.


Sweet Purrfections said...

Oh no! There's something going around with the floofy kitties this week. I hope Myst is feeling a lot better.

Pascalian Awakenings said...

I hope Myst feels better soon. Please keep us posted.

Unknown said...

Get well soon Myst. Lots of purrs,
- Gussie

Angela said...

Heh. You stated that very diplomatically! :)