Thursday, January 25, 2007

Holding Cats

Myst and Dandelion like to be held sometimes. Myst likes only people that know him and Dandelion loves to be held by ANYONE, even children.

Me? I DO NOT like to be held by ANYONE except under one condition. If there is a flying bug on the wall, then I LOVE TO BE HELD so that I can reach it better. That is the ONLY time I like to be held.

Nvertheless, everyone picks me up and cuddles me and says I am a warm teddy bear fluff bunny. Humpf.


LZ said...

I agree completely! I do not want to be held ever. Unless there is a bug, then I welcome the help!


Daisy said...

hahahahaha! I make my Mommie hold me up to look at bugs too!