Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My Pets are Home at Last

My pets left home on December 28 to go to a wedding in Phoenix, Arizona. They left us cats at home where Jenny checked on us. We did not like the silence. In fact, Terry and Richard were only going to be gone one night, but they said there were tornadoes at an airport they had to travel to so their flight was cancelled.

Because of the holidays, it took 2 days before they could get a flight out. When they got to the airport in Phoenix, they found a flight they had to take was cancelled again!

They said they practically lived at the airport. Phew! But they said that Phoenix was very nice in winter. I know I would love it there, but I was soooo glad when they came back. I need to keep a closer eye on my pets and not let them out as often. They take too long to get back home.

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