Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mad Myst

Myst can be one MAD and fierce little cat. He did NOT want to go into the cat carrier and did NOT want to go to the vet. Terry leaves the carrier out and I tried to show Myst how easy it is to crawl in and out of one, but Myst never wanted to go inside a carrier anyway - ever!

So Terry says Myst has to go to the vet and he refuses to go in the carrier. He braced his legs on the outside of the carrier door and I heard Terry going Ow! Ow! The next thing I know, Myst is running to hide in deep dark places under heavy furniture that nobody can get to and Terry has bleeding and scratched up hands. Round 1 goes to Myst - nobody goes anywhere.

Terry asks her friends online for advice and tried it. She put the carrier in the bathroom because Myst loves to go there and play in the sink. Sure enough Myst (after 3 hours or so) creeps into the bathroom, Terry creeps in after him and shuts the door.

I do not know what went on after that, but I heard a lot of yelping and meowing. I was so curious that I stuck my paws under the door to try and get it open. I was meowing myself because I was missing out on some good action!!

Anyway, some time later, Terry opens the door, smiling and er, a bit more scratched up and Myst is crying out his anger at being contained.

Gee, a trip to the vet is not nearly so traumatic for Dandelion or me. We don't enjoy being contained, but at least we are polite about it.

But when Myst got home .... whew! That is another story I will save for tomorrow.


Daisy said...

Wow, Myst doesn't look mad, he looks furious! That is a very funny story. But I hope he is not mad now.

I can't wait to hear what happened when Myst gotted home!

Jasmine said...

Oh no! Poor baby! He looks so distraught!

I'm sure it was all for his own good though.

Max said...

Heh...tell Myst I said GOOD JOB!!!

Barb said...

LOL! Sorry Myst, but that was great advice to get you to Vet. Myst looks like he is Sooooo MAD! Wow what a shot! :-D)

Beau said...

Oh that is exasctly like me and mom! I hate the carrier and the vet and I do the same thing, and mom does the same thing (traps me in the bathroom and forces me in), but then I scratch her good too! We are so much alike!