Friday, February 9, 2007

Myst at the Vet's

When Myst came home from the vet, he smelled very peculiar. He had been there a few hours and they had used medicine. Myst did not smell like he lived here anymore.

I was scared!!! I was horrified and curious at the same time. The problem is that Myst sensed I was scared of him even if he is only half my size. Myst decided to chase me and show me who's boss. He hissed and I got out of there as fast as I could. I ran and hid under the bed. I have no desire to be a dominant cat -- EVER -- and I will never challenge any cat for that authority.

Having yielded the floor to Myst, I decided to stay under the bed for a while, even though my pet humans were laughing at me.


Daisy said...

Poor Muddy! It is not nice when the beans laugh at you. I hope Myst has his regular smell back so order is restored!

Barb said...

Poor baby! Hope all is back to normal for you soon Muddy. :-D)