Thursday, May 31, 2007

Myst the Camera Hog

It's the last day of May and summer is coming. Oh boy -- a warmer sleeping room and I am practicing sleeping every chance I get. I love sleeping in the summer. (Well, ok, fall, winter and spring too... but its especially fun in the warm summer.)

Terry made an old washed-out picture. I can barely make out any details in this. Alas, we will probably see a LOT of Myst now. He's a camera hog and knows that sleeping on the monitor will get his picture taken more often since Terry is sitting there with a camera at hand. Humpf!

1 comment:

Karen Jo said...

It looks like Myst was just a kitten when that picture was taken. A camera hog now, huh? Just push him out of the way, Muddy.