Friday, September 7, 2007

Contented and Proud of Himself

Myst has a good strategy. He sits in Terry's favorite spot on the sofa as soon as she gets up for a moment. It is prewarmed and just perfect. Then he assumes this long-contented look as though he is well-settled and has been there for hours. (Basically, he is just proud of himself.) When Terry comes back, she does not have the heart to dislodge him so she finds somewhere else to sit.

Myst is one smart cat.


Daisy said...

Myst, you do look very proud of yourself. And you should be!

The Furry Kids said...

Good job! That same thing happens at our house. Momma's a softy and we take advantage of that a lot!


Unknown said...

Terry is nice for giving up such a nice seat. Myst is a smart kitty for taking it.

Tyler said...

Myst, you look like your angry. I'd be afraid to kick you out of that seat.

Just Ducky said...

Good job Myst, prewarmed is good.