Thursday, September 27, 2007

Seven Things About Me

Continuing with the last tag from Frostin of seven things about us cats, here are mine:

1. Besides eating and sleeping, I crave being brushed MOST of all. I beg for it constantly. Five times a day is not enough.

2. I love to run. Good thing we have long halls. I ESPECIALLY love being chased by humans or cats.

3. I adore flies and moths - self propelled buzzing and moving toys is all they are.

4. I talk to everyone, even other cats. They say cats reserve their meows for humans. Not me. I talk to Dandelion all the time and let him know when I am entering a room (Terry says he is deaf and does not hear me, but well, I play it safe just in case).

5. I am missing a dominance gene. Let other cats rule. I politely wait my turn for a treat and never try to dominate cats. Good thing since Myst and Dandelion have a "who's the boss" problem. Humans are another matter - they need bossing and direction.

6. I am more curious than other cats around here. I have to inspect each bag of groceries and look in the fridge when it is opened, examine that handsome cat in the mirror, sniff the daily mail, come over to see why babies are crying, etc. You name it and I want to check it out. I don't understand why Myst and Dandelion are so ho-hum about some of these things.

7. I am fluffy, not fat. Many breeds of Himalayans are supposed to be rounded - makes humans want to hug us more. Not a bad thing.

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Daisy said...

Muddy, I like that you are a very polite cat. Being polite is nice.