Saturday, February 24, 2007

Inspecting the Groceries

The family brought home the groceries today and I was sure to do my inspections. Terry left the room for a minute and found a package of hamburger meat on the floor when she got back.

I had my wide-eyed innocent look on, so Terry said to Richard, "Why did you put the hamburger meat on the floor?" To which Richard replied, "I did NOT put the meat on the floor!"

Terry looked at me again. I sat very still -- all pretty -- wide eyes -- being so sweet. Her eyes narrowed at me and I decided it was time to leave the room and pursue other catly interests.

1 comment:

Karen Jo said...

I think you left at precisely the right time, Prince Muddy. It doesn't do to give the humans too much time to think things over while you are still in the room.