Thursday, April 19, 2007

Myst Plays in the Water

It is good to see Myst getting a little active again. I wish he would chase me more and I follow him around (there's still a strange smell about him), but he mostly just sits and watches the birds. He is not eating much and we are a bit worried but maybe that is just how it goes after surgery. At least he is drinking well, preferring this sink water to anything else.

I was up there with him, dipping in my paw, but when Terry grabbed the camera, I immediately jumped down, of course.


Angie,S'more,&Rocky said...

Hi Myst,
You look so sad in your picture - don't worry - be sure to eat all your food and keep drinking water. You will be feeling good as new before you know it!

Peggy Adamik said...

Wow, I was going to say the same thing - Myst looks kinda sad in this photo. He probably still isn't feeling real good. Surgery can really take away your energy. Plus, with the incision, he probably doesn't feel like doing too much running (or chasing) just yet. Give him time, Muddy - he just needs to heal some more.

As for eating - hmm, I wonder what that food tastes like? ;-) Will he have to eat it all the time now, or just for the recovery period?

At least he's drinking - that's a good sign. He needs to keep his kidneys and bladder flushed out.

I'll send him some more Reiki to help him recover faster.


P.S. You know, Muddy, in this photo I think you can really see just how small Myst is.

Shaggy and Scout said...

Keep up the good work Myst! You'll be better soon!

Unknown said...

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