Friday, April 13, 2007

Myst is Having Surgery Today

As it turned out, Myst has 2 kidney stones, the kind that will not dissolve and have to be surgically removed. They were causing his urinary tract infections. The vet is doing surgery today.

Terry is concerned because Myst is so tiny for a cat (its hard to tell in the photos because he is very fluffy, but he is pretty small). He will be staying at the vet's at least until Saturday.

I can't believe he is gone .... and I keep searching the house for him. I run up and down the hall (it always gets Myst out) with no luck. Then I went to get brushed and I purred a lot, keeping my eye on the door because Myst ALWAYS comes out for brushing when I am being brushed, but he never did appear. It is just not the same around here.

As soon as we know anything from the surgery, I will post an update here.


Angie said...

Keep letting mom and dad brush you. I am sure it keeps them calm and keeps you from running the halls! I am positive Mysts surgery will be a success! Me and my furkids will be thinking of all of you guys over there. Just dont tease him too much when he gets home!

Daisy said...

Oh, I hope Myst recovers quickly. I had oxalate bladder stones. I ate special food for a month to try to dissolve them, but it did not work, and I had to have them surgically removed. They made me stay in the hospital for TWO nights, and when I came home I had special pain medicines. But I bounced back very quickly, and I am good as new now.

Tiki, Kirby, and StanLee said...

Sending purrayers that the surgery goes well and Myst recovers quickly.

Angie,S'more,&Rocky said...

We have been thinking about Myst all day and hope he's doing well. He's in our prayers!

Peggy Adamik said...

Well, surgery isn't fun, but at least now you know the source of the problem and how to fix it. And I'm sure Myst will be *very* happy to come home - hospitals are not fun places (I know, I used to work in them!).

I will send Myst lots of good thoughts and healing energy (Reiki).

Peggy in cold, snowy Denver

Just Ducky said...

Hope Myst has a successful surgery. Sending lots of healing purrs.